Macnay - RS96 Traction Sweeper

- 100% local manufactured

- Sweeper made to be towed with a tractor or a LDV/truck

- Brushes driven from rear wheel - NO engine

- Gearbox has a neutral position and 2 speeds at either 100 or 150 RPM, with a neutral universal coupling, heavy duty chains and sprockets

- Units include an operator's platform guard, hood lifting bar and a hood chain guard

- Units are properly cleaned before spray-painted in a colour of your choice

- Easily attachable to a truck or tractor, with a three wheel chassis to give the shortest turning radius compared

- Top speed of prime mover should not exceed 8km/h when sweeping

- For road construction the sweeper is highly suited for cleaning the surfaces prior to black topping, levelling chips, lime or crushed rock

- Simple manual adjustments to angle brush 30 degrees to the left or right

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RS96B Traction Sweeper

- Same as RS96 except that the steering front wheel and drawbar are solid with a bolt on drawbar and a height adjustable landing leg

- Hood/mud flap can be fitted in front of the broom hood to eliminate most of the stones being flicked onto the driver and towing vehicle

Technical Detail

Frame : Rigid all-welded heavy-duty steel construction

Rear axle: 50,8mm dia steel axle with self-aligned H/D pre-lubed bearings

Front axle: Stub axle on tapered roller bearings

Front tyres: 155 x 13 x 4 ply passenger

Rear tyres: 600 x 16 x 4 ply traction

Brush frame assy: 30° left or right angle

Brushes: 762mm diameter

304,8mm brush sections

1 set / 8 brushes - 11kg / brush

Sweeping path: 2133,6 mm at 30° left or right

Dimensions: Length (incl tow bar) 4928mm

Length (excl tow bar) 3404mm

Width 2600mm

Height 2150mm

Weight 997.9kg


Part no: 10360BUC - Loose manual clip-on hopper.

• Hopper can collect +/- 1m³, with a bottom debris discharge


Part no: 10360H/D - Broom segment (8 blocks = 1 set)

Brush live span: (This is conducted if operator adjusts and sweeps according to Macnay specifications.)

• 280 hours on concrete or tar surface

• 400 hours on slushing or dirt roads

Size of brush:

• Diameter: 762mm

• Brush section: 300mm

• Centre square: 40 x 40mm

• Weight: 11kg

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