Macnay - Spinnekop Sweeper

This new state of the art model SPINNEKOP/HYD/SELF-PROPELLED 4 X 4 Road Sweeper was designed by Macnay in conjunction with Qualiprod-Equipment. This sweeper was designed with a 4 x 4 traction to handle all road surfaces. The sweeper was designed with an electric start, articulated in the middle via hydraulic cylinders. The brush drive comes from a hydraulic motor via a chain that is operated from a valve bank at the driver seat, also the hood can be moved from left to right via hydraulics from the driver seat. This new design is able to fit a sweeper attachment, a front-end loader as well as a forklift attachment to be hooked on and off via three pins.


- Length 5420mm

- Width 1720mm

- Height 2380mm

- Skip capacity 0.48m³ (struck level)

- Weight 2200kg (unloaded)

- Drive model 4 x 4

- Payload 3000kg

- Wheel base 1580mm

- Wheel thread 1470mm

- Ground clearance 248mm

- Minimum turning radius 8.45

- Drive to brush Hydraulic via chain

- Brushes 8 x Macnay brushes fitted on a 40mm square shaft

- Working condition 30º left or right angle

- Travelling speeds (max) Low 10km/h

- High 25km/h

- Sweeping width On 30º angle 2133.6mm

- No angle 2400mm

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