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Telecon Trailer Container Systems


Telecon Trailer Container Systems


Tow-Type Chipspreader - Model L12

On the road, control of both the feed roller and agitator is handled from a single lever on the reversing transmission to simplify the operator’s job. As an extra aid to ease of operation and material-saving efficiency, the transmission automatically shifts to neutral in case of a shifting error. With this set-up the operator has more time to control the feedgate. Feedgate levers on both sides are designed to open in a true arc. Prevent springing of feedgate and subsequent uneven spreads. Operator can control opening from as much as 88,9 mm down to 0 mm. Fast one-man hook-ups without tipping of box are made possible by two balance wheels placed ahead of the traction tyres. Two self-filling, self-dumping ballast boxes provide additional stability.

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Click Here To Download Manual

Click Here To Download Manual

Traction Road Sweeper - Model RS96


The Macnay Model RS96 Traction Sweeper can be used with any towing vehicle. The unit is of the tow type, easily attachable and with a three wheel chassis gives the shortest turning radius of any comparable sweeper with or without a loose clip-on 1 cubic meter hopper.


The Sweeper has no engine and therefore the brushes are powered from the rear wheels, which are fitted with ratchet-type differentials. Drive is completed through a two speed gearbox with a neutral universal coupling, heavy duty chains and sprockets. The transmission provides for the selection of two brush speeds for light and heavy type sweeping. The brush rotation speeds can be set at either 100 or 150 R.P.M., and the prime mover not to exceed 8km/h when sweeping.

Click Here To Download Manual

Click Here To Download Manual


For road construction the sweeper is highly suited for cleaning the surfaces prior to black topping, leveling chips, lime or crushed rock. A simple manual adjustment permits the brushes to be angled at either 30 degrees to the left or right.


Same as RS96 except that the steering front wheel and drawbar are replace with a solid drawbar, bolt on drawbar eye and a height adjustable landing leg.


Hood/mud flap fitted in front of the broom hood to eliminate most of the stones being flicked onto the driver and towing vehicle. A loose clip-on 1 cubic meter hopper can be added to pic-up dirt.

Telecon Trailer Container System - (4 Or 6 Tonne)


Click Here To Download Manual

Click Here To Download Manual



Before tipping, ensure that the trailer is on level ground as this can cause severe damage to the hydraulic rams, arms, pins etc.


When in travelling position:


Note: the above is based on normal road conditions.

Where steep gradients exist, the tractor kw. Must be increased.

  1. Tractor hydraulic system: must be capable to spare 25 litres of hydraulic oil to operate the telecon system.
  2. Tractor hydraulic pressure: normally between 160 and 180 bar (sufficient to operate telecon hydraulic tipping system).
  3. When the telecon trailer is fitted with a hydraulic braking system then a brake and tip kit must be fitted to the tractor.

Customized Trailers

Trailers will be manufactured to customer’s specifications and in accordance with SABS and Natis regulations. All trailers manufactured will be issued with Natis documents but proxy registration must be done by customer himself.

All trailers come with a standard 3 month warranty and one year on manufacturing.

Tow-Type Chipspreader - Model L12 Traction Road Sweeper - Model RS96 Telecon Trailer Container System - (4 Or 6 Tonne) Customized Trailers


All containers will be manufactured to customer specifications from 4mm to 4,5mm mild steel plate.  Container corners will be fully welded inside and outside in wire feed co2. On completion the unit will be smoothly grinded, acid cleaned, primed in oxide primer and painted in yellow enamel paint. On completion the container will be fitted with reflectors all round and a chevron to the rear.

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